Sacramento Divorce Solutions, Inc., is a law firm that handles Family Law matters only, in Sacramento, California, and its immediately surrounding counties.

Hellen J. Hernandez is the firm’s owner and Litigation Trial Attorney.  She represents clients in Court at hearings and trials when Litigation is required to resolve the issues.  Hellen also provides cost effective legal support when Unbundled Services or Limited Scope Representation is requested.  Se habla español.

Michael Jonsson is the firm’s Divorce Mediator.  Though he is a very experienced Family Law Attorney, Mike participates only in Family and Divorce Mediation.  Mike has the specialized training, skill, and experience, to adjust his Divorce Mediation process, based on client needs, to support successful client negotiations at all levels of conflict.

Our goal is for you to reach a reasonable and fair resolution of all disputed issues with your spouse or partner, one that is cost effective and meets your needs, and that of your family.  Whether your Divorce or Family Law issues require a short consultation with Hellen or Gina, or mediated settlement negotiations facilitated by Mike, or formal representation by Hellen or Gina at a hearing or trial, we have the Family Law Professionals to meet your needs.

Contact Us to make an appointment with Hellen or Mike to discuss your divorce, separation, property division, child support, spousal support, custody and visitation options.

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If you’re contemplating a divorce or separation, here are our Quick Tips for Divorcing.