Unbundled Services

Overview of Unbundled Services

Until recently, if someone hired an attorney, that attorney became responsible for all aspects (the whole ‘bundle’) of a client’s case. Once hired as someone’s “Attorney of Record,” that attorney had to be diligent in such representation, and that could be very expensive. However, many people could not afford to hire an attorney for such broad purposes.┬áRecently, the State Bar of California has modified its rules so attorneys can now be hired for discrete or single aspects of a matter or case (just one part of the whole ‘bundle’). Such issues might include just the preparation of some pleadings, or the representation of someone at just one hearing, or to negotiate just one issue on a client’s behalf.

Unbundled Services are very affordable, because they allow a client to purchase only as much of an attorney’s time as he/she can afford, or needs. The client remains legally responsible for all other aspects of his/her case that are not expressly contracted by the attorney to do.

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